Categories for men and women
AGE GROUP 1st 2nd 3rd
13 and under R300 R200 R100
14 to 30 R300 R200 R100
31 to 40 R300 R200 R100
41 to 50 R200 R100 R50
51 to 60 R200 R100 R50
61 to 70 R200 R100 R50
71 and over R200 R100 R50
Floating Trophies to be awarded each year
Trophy for 1st school team - male      
Trophy for 1st school team - female      
R1000.00 - school with most entries      
3km and 5km and 10km swims
Fastest Male / Final R300 R200 R100
Fastest Female / Final R300 R200 R100